About JCF Siegen

The „JungChemikerForum“ (JCF) is the nation wide youth organization of the German Chemical Scociety (GDCh). The JCF is further divided into multiple local divisions like the JCF Siegen.

Why is the website of JCF Siegen in English?

The University of Siegen is one of two Universities in Germany who offer an english Master of Science in Chemistry. All the research groups consists of a large number of international students and co-workers, who additionally make a big part of the membership of JCF Siegen. Therefore, most of our activities are done not only in German but English too.

The Speaker Team



In January the Speaker Team was elected by the members of JCF Siegen.
The Speaker Team consists of Thorben Jaik (chair, top right), Christopher Kuhlmann  (assistant chair, center), Desirée Schütz (Treasurer, left front), Darya Mozhayeva (Traininig and Education, right front) and Jens Wilbert (Webmaster, top left).


About Siegen and the University of Siegen

Siegen is the smallest metropolitan city of Germany with around 100.000 inhabitants. It’s located slightly west to the center of Germany and belongs to the Bundesland Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW). It has a nice historic old city and a modernised urban riverside which offers a nice atmosphere during sunny days. Siegen is also the „grünste Stadt Deutschlands“ which means it has the most greenspaces of all big cities in Germany. The Surrounding of Siegen offers a lot of forests and nature to enjoy as well.
The University of Siegen was founded in 1972 and it is therfore a very young University. In the winter semester (2016/17), about 19,675 students  were enrolled at the University of Siegen. Currently, the University is undergoing renovations to face the rising numbers of students and modernise old buildings of the University. Moreover, to also offer medical studies as from winter semester 2018/2019.


Members of JCF Siegen

Currently, we are a group of 47 members in Siegen. The JCF Siegen was founded in 2006. As at the end of 2007, JCF Siegen had only 25 members. At that time, the consolidation of members and organisation of activities was a great challenge. However, as from 2016 to date  our membership has risen to 47 with about 15 active members. Our growth rate is at 40% , hence we are planning to host a series of events yearly to actively engage all members from high school to PhD level.


Why should I join JCF?

The JCF is a dynamic group which offers Events all around Chemistry at the University Siegen and you can take part in the Organization and bring in your Ideas.
You can be responsible for interessting Events for all Chemistry Students of University of Siegen by suggesting Events you would like to have at University Siegen or help to make our Events as pleasant as possible for everyone.
You can take part in Excursions to other Universities and Companies related to Chemistry and therefore network and make friends with Chemists from all parts of Germany and abroad. GDCh or JCF may offer scholarships which make it possible to attend Conferences or Meetings for free or only by a part of the costs.
You will join the biggest group of interests in the „Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker“ (GDCh). The JCF has more than 10.000 members and therefore covers nearly 30 % of all GDCh members.
Its Cheap or at least it’s not expensive. The annual fee is 30 € and offers you the Membership in „Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker“ (GDCh),  „Jung Chemikerforeum“ (JCF) and optional in the VAA, which is the Organization of executives in the Chemical Industry.
Additionally you will receive the „Nachrichten aus der Chemie“, a magazine dedicated to inform you about recent developements and news of Chemistry.