Summer Colloquium 2021 – online

This year, our summer colloquium will be held online. More information will be given soon, but you can already note the date:

Tue,  6th of July, 4:30 pm

Monthly meetings

The JCF Siegen meets monthly on dates agreed upon by the members. A poll is conducted to determine which dates suit most members and a meeting point agreed upon. The time and location will be updated here as well as on our facebook page. Keep checking for updates.

Monthly Meetings during Corona crisis

Due to the current situation, we are not able to meet in person at the moment. Instead, we will schedule online meetings via google meet on a regular basis (either for planning or to just stay in touch). We will inform you via email or our WhatsApp group!

In general: the nationwide JCF newsletter

If you want to be informed about what is going on in the JCF nationwide, you can subscribe to the monthly JCF newsletter. It is filled with information about events (regional, online or nationwide), opportunities (workshops, internships and similar) and general progress within the GDCh that is important for young chemists.

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