New Speaker Board was elected

Today, the 4th of June 2021, the new speaker board was elected! They consist of:

Chair: Jens Wilbert

Co-Chairs: Till Staschko and Andreas Jagic

Treasurer: Domenic Gust

The old speaker board congratulates you and we wish you a successful year!

Frühjahrsymposium 2020 in Köln – canceled

We regret to inform you that the Frühjahrssymposium 2020 will be cancelled.
Due to the current development of the coronavirus pandemic we are obliged to make this hard decision. You can find further information about the canceling process in the mail that every participant received.

Of course, we want to thank all helpers, sponsors and supporter again for their contribution and were happy to have the chance to organise this event!

Frühjahrsymposium 2020 in Köln

The JCF Siegen in collaboration with JCF Köln and JCF Düsseldorf is pleased to announce the „Frühjarhsymposium 2020“ event. The event has the motto, „Make Chemistry Flow“ and offers a great networking chance.
Dates: 25.03.2020- 28.03.2020
Location: Universität zu Köln

New JCF E-mail address

If you want to reach us, contact us on our new E-mail:

Christmas Lecture

On December 15th Prof. Dr. Heiko Ihmels and Prof. Dr. Michael Schmittel will perform a Christmas lecture focused on experiments with light and fire. Don’t forget to check our Facebook for further details.

Willis A. C. Muganda

Willis Muganda has been our Chair since 2015.  This year he has been elcted to be a member of the Bundesvorstand of JungChemikerForum. We are really happy to have a member of JCF Siegen in the Bundesvorstand and congratulate Willis for his success. Therefore Thorben Jaik will take over the position as a Chair of JCF Siegen. He was a previous Assistant Speaker and since it is only 4 Month till the next elections, we didn’t call for new ones.

Scholarship of August-Wilhelm-Hofmann-Stiftung

The GDCh is offering an scholarship for Bachelor students. You can apply if you are two or three Semesters away from finishing your Degree. Successful applicants will recieve 300 € per Month for 12 or 18 Month. For further details and application check the website of the GDCh. Also check out our CV-Writing and Proposal Training.
The Deadline is February 1st, 2018.

Change of Positions in JCF Siegen

A few days ago Gabriel has resigned from his position as the Treasurer of JCF Siegen.
We are very thankful that one of our Members volunteered to take his position. Therefore we welcome Desirée Anna-Maria Schütz as our new Treasurer.

JCF Talks on 18th of July

We will host a JCF Talk in July. Two Ph.D. Students, one from Inorganic Material Science and one from Building-Chemistry, will present their research.. Stay tuned for more informations.

JCF Lunch

We are now meeting regularly in the Mensa to have Lunch together as JCF. Stay tuned and look on our page Events for Announcements.